Fort Munhall Command Encounters Hicks Insurgency

A surprise call to the Palace of Varina culminated in Fort Munhall Military District’s first battle in nearly two years.

A distressed King Michael I of Michrenia contacted the Palace of Varina at around 7:45 PM, asking for the Varinian military and weaponry assistance at Fort Munhall. He quickly said that Mr. Hicks, who most Ultamian Sector history buffs would know as the leader of the Insurgency that was defeated twice in May 2011 by the Ultamian Army of the Republic, was there with another person and was laying siege to the Fort. David I left the Palace soon thereafter.

When His Majesty arrived. Michael was on top of the Fort, firing down to Hicks and a female assistant (who has asked not to be named) and from there the battle became one of mostly swordfighting, with David and Hicks watching for the majority of the time. A couple of times shots were fired, but nothing of large interest happened, and eventually the girl was persuaded into joining the two monarchs, with Hicks becoming alone. He eventually realized the imbalance of the situation and retreated.

“I am assuming this is a one-off situation,” says David, “if it is not, and a Second Hicks War does break out, well, there’s more than a President at the district this time around.”

The battle, called by Varina the Skirmish of the Ides, was ultimately indecisive, as there were no injuries on either side and eventually all four personnel had to return to their home cities. The girl which helped the Fort Munhall Command? She has founded her own nation, Calinenia, the progress of which will be monitored as often as possible.

The Varinian government is not willing to declare a state of war with the Hicks Insurgency at this time, but is planning a celebratory event on the 20th, the second anniversary of the Second Battle of the Field.


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